Site Security !


The regulatory bodies take measures to protect the rights of the client , such as keeping customer funds in separate bank accounts On the accounts of the company , which means clients' funds is not affected if the company had been any order was , and is assigned a legal observer To monitor the performance of the company and ensure their compatibility with the body of licensed controls , as the size of the company's capital compared to the size of services Provided to its customers , as sure of the efficiency of the company's employees and their level of education and experience , and execute trades in accordance with Global standards and legal , and credibility in the definition of procedures for customer and trading conditions . And provide all services Crisis to enter this market and customers in accordance with arrangements global and international norms.

More importantly, the company ladder ProFx Global   priority is to create a safe and secure environment for trading ,And that the customer gets all the money gained from trading in the currency market, and the company using A set of physical collateral and modern technically in order to protect all Information Systems .

Protection Systems HTTPS : We use the server computer protected SSL technology to protect the site and the accounts of traders across the Web.

Site is locked and encrypted and the observer through the crew, which protects investors' accounts and data.