-    A Demo Account is the best and ideal way to be familiar with forex markets . It is designed to give you the chance to learn how to deal with and trade the forex market without risking your own capital in completely risk free environment.

-    A Demo Account offers novice traders the same tools and experience trading on a trading platforms  that replicate the real time environment of real time trading with real money .

-    Learning how to deal with forex market through practicing a demo account enables you to avoid committing mistakes  in a risk free environment , before encountering in your own capital . the forex demo is ideal because it mirrors the exact trading platform that the experienced traders use, and it has all the features and tools which are available to our client account holders .

-    The trading platform itself has an educational area where you can follow tutorials on all aspects of fundamental and technical analysis , including interpreting candlestick chart patterns.

-    Interpreting chart patterns  have mastered your favorite  technical analysis tools ,so you will be ready to start dealing with your own capital and trade in a forex market , First using minimum deposit for a micro account and  When you feel comfortable with trading financial assets on our forex platform you can make a step forword for the next level  .

-    The forex demo account shows all open positions during the trade and showing the current mark to market profit or loss on the trade , when the trade is closed , details of the trade are also available for viewing.