Benefits of trading forex !


Forex trading features:
The Forex market and currency exchange have spread widely among many investors in recent years, regardless of the economic conditions that some countries may go through. Many of them believe that trading in the Forex market offers endless investment opportunities. With the invasion and spread of the Internet and computer in all circles and in every house and expectations indicate that the acceptance of a large segment of young people to the Forex market and currency trading online and the possibility of investment in it, even in amounts not as large as in other investments and obstacles, so the Forex market is characterized by high liquidity and reach To about $ 4 trillion a day. Each person can start an account in minutes, start trading, and conduct your business transactions at any time of the day. The Forex market is available to all people through the Internet. Our support team is fully prepared to assist you in all steps. From start to professionalism.
Forex Trading Features:
The advantages of trading in the Forex market and make it famous among investors
- No Commissions:
There are no commissions and no additional expenses on services and no fees to open new accounts and no government fees and no taxes or commissions at all brokers are compensated for their services through the difference between the price of supply and demand and called "Spread" any difference between the points of currency pairs traded.
- Dispose of additional brokering
 Forex Trading - Instant currency trading eliminates brokerage and allows the trader to interact directly with the market based on pricing for a particular currency pair, which does not cost the trader any expenses at all.
- Ease of trading with small capital:
Online trading in the Forex market provides the opportunity for each trader to open small accounts and provide leverage that gives you the possibility of opening large transactions in small amounts, Forex brokers are mediating in the online currency market to view small trading accounts you can start depositing the lowest account $ 50 this will make you way Easier to learn currency exchange. The leverage reaches 1: 500 in ProFx Global
 There is no fixed size for the transaction size (lot or contract)
In stock markets, you will find that the size of the transaction is specific to the exchanges, ie each contract is the size of the stock's standard.
In the forex market or currency exchange, there is no fixed volume of transactions and the size of the transaction is known as "lot" or contract and this allows the trader to participate in small accounts.
- Open market for 24 hours:
In Forex there is no waiting for the opening bell from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon EST, the FX market does not sleep. This is very desirable for those who want to trade without restrictions according to their other working hours they can choose, at trading time - morning, noon or night.
- No one can control the market:
The Forex market or currency trading is a very huge market and has many participants. Since it has no single headquarters or even a central bank that can control the market price for a long period of time. Even the huge central bank interventions to deal with market prices become ineffective and very short term.
- The possibility of using leverage:
In the Forex market, Forex trading with the deposit of the margin of small security you can control the value of the size of a large deal much and give the trader leverage the ability to make extraordinary profits while at the same time keep the capital risk at the lowest level
But leverage can be a double-edged sword and without sound management and risk management, this high leverage can lead to large losses.
- High liquidity and market demands:
Forex market and currency exchange with high liquidity means that with a mouse click under normal market conditions you can buy instantly and or sell at will
- Demo Account:
The most important advantage is that the client, whether a beginner or a professional, can open a Demo Account with ProFx Global and practice trading with the same characteristics of real accounts. This is a very good opportunity for novice traders who would like to try their trading skills with virtual money before opening a real account.
- Profitability in both directions:
As is followed in the financial markets and in the nature of trading that make money by buying the lowest price and then selling at the maximum price. This is not the case in the Forex market. In Forex each investor can sell the currency at maximum price and then close the deal at a lower price and make a profit. And the reverse is to buy at a low price and close the deal at a higher price and make a profit, the possibility of making money in the forex market in both directions. As long as there is movement in the market, in any direction, opportunities for transaction gains exist.
Forex provides excellent investment opportunities for those who wish to diversify their income sources.